After years of suffering from obesity and heart problems, I decided to change my old idle habits to healthy ones. Aside from a healthy diet, I see to it that I avoid sitting which has been one of the major causes of my unwanted bulges. I have been a computer programmer for almost 14 years. The first 3 years was quite okay. I didn’t notice that I was gaining weight. I thought that it was just normal since I have office mates who just look fine to me. Time went by and my weight doubled, tripled, until I was unable to notice that I am almost round.

I went to the gym once a week but that was not enough. My work life is more dominant that anything else. I need to sit for long hours so no matter how much I want to get back my old shape, I have to bear with it. As I went home one day, I saw this amazing product on the Internet called the desk riser. At first I thought it was hilarious because people usually sit whenever they work in front of their computers. Despite the fact that I find it funny, I still checked it out. I suddenly thought of an idea that I am not even sure of. I thought of setting up a standing work station in my office to see if I can lose weight. I have lived the obese life for so long and it strikes me whenever people look at me. Thinking about my experience, I decided to give it a try since there is no harm in trying, as they say.

The next day was Saturday, so there was no one at work. I talked to some maintenance personnel and asked if they can help me set up a standing computer desk that I saw online. They had no problems about it so I showed them the desk risers I found online and showed them the one that I am about to purchase. I was surprised that they even told me that it was stylish. I ordered the desk riser and had it installed the following weekend. As I came to work that Monday, my work mates were asking me where I bought the desk. Well, I realized that it was really nice. It is made of thick Plexiglass that comes with a full-sized keyboard and a number pad. I can still sit but I prefer to stand up to lose weight. After 4 months of using my standing computer desk and doing my weekly routine, I lost 8 kilos which astonished my colleagues even more. They even asked me if they can have the same desk because of the results. I have no regrets with my standing desk and I would love to recommend it to anyone who wants to stay fit despite hectic schedules.

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