A stand up desk is a desk that stands high enough so that a person can write or type at a higher level and benefiting from better health and comfort. Some say that using a stand up desk makes them feel more energetic and alert. There are some studies that have shown that there is a possibility that a person may live longer by standing up and working at a desk. Sitting too long whether it be at a desk or in a chair, is not good for one’s health. Being stationery too long makes one’s muscles weak and is not good for the heart.

It is a fact that is growing, that you can live longer by working at a stand up desk. Sitting at a desk for hours on end can affect your brain, heart, liver and other organs. In addition, there is a possibility that you will gain more weight by sitting too long at a desk.

It is important to note also that you can burn more calories by standing at your desk than by sitting at your desk. With obesity, many being overweight and diabetes ever-growing in the US, it is even more important to find ways to get up and move around. Of course, a healthy diet and exercise can also help a person to lose weight and become more fit. A stand up desk helps a person to stay active during the day and may even inspire one to be more productive.

In addition, most standing desks are affordable and can be found at office and desk stores. Stand up desks are more ergonomic and may prevent such health issues as leg cramps, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica, vision problems and headaches.

There are many who can benefits with this kind of desk such as those who work with computers, office workers, students, those who work at home and office executives. Another benefit that comes with a stand-up desk is an addition bonus of being more alert, having a clearer focus and an increase in your activity level. Your body receives better circulation and lessens the feeling of being tired. Keep in mind, that if you’re feeling better as you work at your desk, your mood will also improve.

Also, you can buy a standing desk riser. This helps those who need additional height.

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