When looking for a desk riser, I came across information that will prove useful to other buyers as well. As its name suggests, a desk riser is used to elevate the level of a desk. This helps in keeping the desk level at a height where it is comfortable for the user to use the desk. The height of a desk can be increased in two ways. The first is to use stackable small desk risers. These are small items placed under the legs of the desk to increase the height by 1-2 inches. For significant height increase, a different type of desk riser is used. It looks like a complete desk in itself but it is mainly used to add height and extra shelf space to an existing desk. I came to know about the Safco Desk Riser and could not resist buying it. Its modern design and black finish looks very attractive.

The model 3602BL extends the height level to 30 inches that is sufficient for most purposes. This desk riser has the capacity of 100 lbs. Its cast aluminum legs support the strong melamine top. The dimensions 13.8 x 31 x 2.2 inches provide not only good height increase but also sufficient storage space for many items. I am able to use its 12 inch deep shelf for storing items like printer, monitor, telephone, binders and other items. The shelf dividers ensure binders are kept in orderly and upright position. The retainer lip in the rear ensures items kept on it do not fall from the backside.

I was looking for a desk riser to increase the height of my monitor. The idea is to work in a standing position. There are many health researches that indicate the benefits of working in a standing position. There are several drawbacks to working continuously in a sitting position. Many health risks are associated with people who have to work for long hours while sitting on the chair. To avoid such health risks, I decided to use Safco Desk Riser. When placed on an existing desk, it becomes a standing computer desk. Working on such a standing work station has helped me avoid health risks associated with long sitting position.

I really love the fact that I am able to use Safco Desk Riser as additional shelf storage space as well as to increase the level of monitor. Its modern design gels well with any type of interior. It can be used in home or office. I am all praise for its usefulness and give it a five-star rating.

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