Besides being a sign of laziness, an unorganized workplace also decreases your professional productivity by a considerable margin. Imagine a scenario where you have to spend a few minutes to find the most basic of things like a pen or your phone. Not only is it a waste of valuable time, it is also a source of constant irritation. On the contrary, if you have a clean and compact desk, where things are kept at their assigned places, your work will become much easier. The Ergotron Work Surface for WorkFit-S is an easy way of organizing your work things by dividing them into two levels.

The Ergotron Work Surface is a desk riser which can be used both as a standing desk and a sit-don workplace. The product has two large seamless surfaces at different levels with a stand for a desktop screen. The surfaces can accommodate multiple things at once including your laptop, tablet, some books, miscellaneous stationary and a cup of coffee. If you are using a desktop, you can use the lower level of the desk riser for the keyboard. This way, the entire set-up will be properly aligned according to your posture.

The best part about this work surface is that the height can be adjusted by a handle. By doing so, you can use it comfortably both in the standing and the sitting position. Additionally, the cables are well-concealed, making way for a clean set-up where you won’t have to spend hours sorting out tangled wires.

The Ergotron work surface is made of a robust phenolic material which is known for its strength and resilience. The high quality stand-up desk(which can also be used as a sit-down work space)is designed to last for years together. As all the surfaces are exposed, the desk riser is extremely easy to clean. There are no inaccessible corners or tricky bends. You simply have to wipe the surface with a cloth and the desk will be as good as new.

The USP of the Ergotron standing desk riser is the simple, yet efficient design. The double layered set-up is meant for maximum use of space, making it suitable for small offices as well. All in all, it is an intelligent product which will definitely lead to a more organized working space and increased productivity.

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