Picking a stand-up desk is very important. Remember, this desk will be with you for many years to come. It requires a lot of research to find the right choice for you. It is a good thing that all of the research is already done for you! The Ergo-Stand stand desk riser is a no brainer choice for your office furniture.

This desk riser has a minimalistic build to it. It has an excellent wood finish table top with dark legs. The stand-up desk is also available in three different colors, oiled cherry, mahogany, and maple. The standing desk is large enough to fit a 22 inch monitor with a standard keyboard and mouse. The feet of the desk has non-skid rubber soles. This standing desk riser is also one of the few that boast being environmentally friendly. Just because the Ergo-Stand desk riser has a perfect score on Amazon doesn’t mean that you should over look other options.

Pricing normally for wooden standing desks cost about an arm and a leg. It can cost hundreds of dollars for a basic non-adjustable stand-up desk. Then there are the ones equip with motors for adjustment that cost thousands of dollars. The most important feature of standing desks is not the desk itself, but its packaging. Nothing is worse then being excited about your purchase then having it arrive damaged. The Bargain Office Equipment packaging takes quality and damage prevention into mind. The packaging is double boxed within styrofoam, others just throw the parts into a box and send it out and often get damaged.

Ratings do not lie, it is very hard to get a perfect score on Amazon and the Ergo-Stand did just that. It is not like it does not have enough reviews either. Review after review, there is nothing but positive regard for this standing desk. Without a doubt this will be a purchase that will be well worth you money.

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